ETS 18314 – Responder 24 electromagnetic closer

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The Rutland Responder 24 Electromagnetic Door Closer has been designed with universal handing and ease of fitting with the hygenic plug and go wiring.  Having a size EN4 in one unit which can be Hold Open or Swing Free and fitting on either left or right hand doors has made them easy to specify and order. The one box and one code make the unit very manageable for the fitter, buyer, merchant stockist or specifier.  Fire and endurance tested to meet and exceed the European standards that will leave your doors closed in a fire and emergency situation. The Electromagnet is activated by the Fire alarm system or over ridden on the switch if required making it very versatile and easy to use and tested to 60minutes in successful EN 1634 fire tests.


Product Features

•  Opening angle 180º
•  Universal application
•  Max door weight 80kg
•  Adjustable closing speed
•  Adjustable latch speed
•  5 year guarantee
•  Max door width 1050mm
•  Fire tested up to 60 mins
•  Power size EN4
•  24V DC
•  Rut lock

Additional Information


Polished Nickel, Polished Brass, Silver, Satin Nickel

Testing and certification

•  BS EN 1155 Classification
•  CE marked and classified
•  BS EN 1634 Fire Test to EN 1634
•  5 Year guarantee

IFCC 1482 RUTLAND UK – Responder 24

RESPONDER 24 EN4 Electromagnetic Door Closer

Responder 24 Pull Side fitting WITH QR CODE

Responder 24 Push Side fitting x2